MV London builders: bathroom installation. Part one.


Proceeding to the refurbishment of our home, we want to make its every part as comfortable and fine as possible.

bathroom installation, bathroom renovation

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Proceeding to the refurbishment of our home, we want to make its every part as comfortable and fine as possible. At that, we want to take into account the functionality of each room. Living room is aimed for relaxing together or receiving guests; bedroom – for calm resting, nursery is for comfortable playing and studying. Furniture, wall, ceiling, floor coverage, various accessories – these are the necessary details for our rooms that give them specific features. And, what about bathroom? Where do we begin the bathroom renovation?

First of all, one should estimate the work volume. The key questions here are the following:
– Will you make the reshaping of your bathroom?
– What are the conditions of your ceiling, walls, floor. Inspect your bathroom for signs of damage and estimate how to rectify any problems before fitting new vanity unit.
– What kind of the bathroom equipment do you want to place there and how will it be arranged? (Sometimes changing angle or place of one or another object allows to use the room more effectively).
– What kind of lighting will there be – wall, ceiling, or complex?
– What kind of tiling – floor tiling, walls tiling?
– Where will switches and outlets be placed?
– In what way will room ventilation be realized
Practical implementation of your plans for the bathroom renovation should be carried out in certain sequence:

Draw a plan of your bathroom that is going to be renovated. One should not save on paper, as all the sanitaryware and water pipes, electric wiring, places of installation of bathroom equipment, lamps, switches and outlets should be indicated in the scheme legibly. The most important is accuracy in drawing walls, door (taking into account opening) and placing bathroom, toilet and sink. If after the bathroom remodeling you find that your bathroom pedestal sink does not match the bath, or that the W.C. bowl hinders using the washing machine, your good mood will be ruined, and another bathroom remodeling will take more money.

Doing the most dirty work: demounting the closet basin and the bath, knocking down the walls or removing the whole bathroom unit, doorway widening, and, finally, rubbish clearing. During demounting process, big dust volumes are arisen. They should be removed. Don’t forget to cover the books on the non-glassed shelves, furniture and clothes reliably. Put heavy duty cover sheets or dust sheets on the household appliances, computers, printers, faxes etc. Before entering the rooms, arrange plastic sheet sluices, covering passageways in height and breadth.

What do we see after demolition of the bathroom walls? Firstly, pipes going in different directions. Secondly, a lonely towel drier. Thirdly, electric wiring that laid in the hollow walls of the former bathroom. It should be treated very carefully: release the wires, insulate them and hang up to the main ceiling. Set the modern ball lock valves on the cold and hot water pipes, and don’t forget about filters for mechanical cleaning.