MV London bathroom fitters: How to choose combination faucet. Part1.


Nowadays starting the repair of a bathroom may get into number of difficulties because inexpert buyer may be unable to make head or tail of sanitary equipment variety…

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Nowadays starting the repair of a bathroom may get into number of difficulties because inexpert buyer may be unable to make head or tail of sanitary equipment variety. There are a lot of different combination faucets, starting with standard functional models and up to design models which hardly can be named as sanitary equipment as they are objects of art. A lot of buyers consider combination faucet to be not only the hot and cold water mixing device but also one of the main elements of bathroom design. Industrial manufacturers continuously satisfy us with novelties which meet diversified tastes and needs of population and embody the boldest ideas of designers. So how can one choose the most suitable combination faucet?

First, you’ve got to remember the purpose of that purchase. Combination faucet is not just a bathroom decoration, so it shall function properly, i.e. to mix hot and cold water.

Number of combination faucets installed in the bathroom is important, too. It would be better to choose independent combination faucets for bathtub, shower, wash sink and bidet because combination of several functions by one combination faucet is not beneficial for the quality of their performance. If you have rather small bathroom and you don’t have a shower cabin, then you may choose one combination faucet for bathtub and shower and one faucet for a wash sink.

Types of combination faucets according to places of installation
Combination faucets used for bathtub are usually with low tap, rotating or fixed. Combination faucets with hand spray and height-adjustable shower holders as well as wall-mounted combination faucets are usually used with bathtubs. Some models are equipped with electronic control system. There is one more difference of bathtub combination faucets: they are designed for three/four apertures. It looks like several handles – for filling of bathtub, for hand spray and so forth.

Bathtub and wash sink combination faucets are very much akin to bathroom combination faucets, but the buyers, when choosing the combination faucet, usually take notice of sanitary equipment compatibility in the bathroom but not of its technical features. There are models with special drainage set which is used to open or close the plug hole by a small lever placed on a combination faucet.

Wash sink combination faucets may be as well designed for one or several apertures though combination faucets designed for one aperture are much more popular because of their easy installation. In order to make your wash sink maintenance easier and more pleasant there are combination faucets equipped with special absorbing tap.

Bidet combination faucets are to the large extent similar to wash sink combination faucets, because in most cases they are installed on a skirting board and designed for one or three apertures. The difference is that the bidet set contains aerator with a ball joint enabling to change the jet direction and over-simplifying the use of combination faucet.