Looking For Bedroom Furniture. Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind


The bedroom is one of the most personal and private rooms in your home. It needs to match who you are and the way YOU would like to feel when you go to sleep and wake up.

bedroom furniture

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Choosing the right furniture for your space is the key. Your choices might not be exactly what you want now, but they will be the right choices for you over time. Remember, after you buy the “right” furniture you will end up customizing the space with your “stuff” anyway and the furniture will blend into the space. But, as you start your bedroom furniture shopping, consider these “right” choices.

Shopping from the beginning

As a start shopping for bedroom furniture consider the bedroom as empty and your wallet as reasonably full. What do you really need in a bedroom anyway? Start with the true basics. You will need: a bed, a dresser, a night stand or two with lamps and a good chair or two with possibly a table and lamp. This is really about it and you could probably do without a couple of these items as well. Start slow and go for the true basics first. Past the bed (minus the headboard), try to pick a piece that you want to have with you for the rest of your life. From here, build around that piece. Choose carefully and take as long as you need. As long as you have the bed and a ceiling light you’re ok for a few days.


The big thing to remember is that furniture made today is not made to the same quality standards that it may have been made to a decade or five ago. As you go about shopping for that first piece you plan on keeping for the rest of your life be prepared to spend a bit more for it. Look for solid dove tail joints, solid real wood and quality hardware. Most people would think of the dresser as being this piece. It does not necessarily need to have a mirror or jewelry drawers built into it but regardless of how old you happen to be make sure it can stand up and be passed down though the generations.
The next item to consider in this regard is its style. Some woods cost more then others. Generally, but not always, the more expensive pieces are traditional in nature and are fairly non-unique. They are made this way because of tradition, but also because they appeal to many types of people. They are also made this way because they rarely go out of style. This is a very large consideration. Styles change and you don’t want a shag dresser when you are 55 years old. Buy bedroom furniture that will always be in style regardless of passing fads and your age.

Reacting to light

Different furniture reflects light is different ways. A heavy oak piece of furniture will reflect light differently then a light piece of bamboo furniture. Set a color style for the more likely lighting scenario you are likely to run into with regard to your housing tastes.

Color of furniture

If you are looking at the color choices, when choosing bedroom furniture, you will want them to match one another when you are first buying them. They can be ight or dark, textured or smooth it is all a matter of keeping everything to the same style and matching color. Consider this; however, look at the construction of the piece of furniture. How is it made under the fabric? Look and ask about its ability to be reupholstered. Some furniture carcasses are not made to stand up to being pulled apart for a rehab while others are more apt to be.

Easy of the volume

Considering a piece of furniture’s volume is a fairly important idea. You may be in a larger bedroom at the moment and a larger piece will fit to scale and space nicely. Move once or twice and that piece will either disappear into a corner or take up half the room; visually or physically. This is a difficult thing to consider since there are not too many people in today’s mobile world that know where they are going to be in 5-10 years. There is really no answer for this dilemma other then to try to stay within a reasonable size spectrum. The love seat may look to be a good idea at the moment, but is it really?

Be realistic about your true tastes

The big thing about buying furniture is to come to terms with what you really want in your most personal space. This generally means coming to terms with who you really are. Not who you are at this point in your life, but who you really are in your own heart and style. This will not change through your lifetime. Buy your bedroom furniture from there and be comfortable when you go to sleep and when you wake up.