Finding Your Next Wonderfully Cozy And Functional Bed


A complete night’s rest is a requirement to going through your hectic day. Tossing and turning all evening is not only disagreeable while you are carrying it out but counterproductive to fulfiling your everyday work the succeeding day. Shopping prudently for your next bed is not inevitably a problematic job but one that should be approached with utility and an eye for panache and taste.


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Types of beds

The most popular bed people find themselves resting on is a spring coil box and mattress variety found in many sizes. It is the most popular because it comes in a variety of sizes, firmness ratings and prices. A futon bed is a popular choice that seems to come in and out of style every now and again while the ever intriguing water bed is a choice that many find appealing for a variety of reasons such as back issues and other health reasons. Although available for some time the foam style bed is becoming increasingly popular for its uniformity and contouring body attributes. This beds marketing team has been working hard to gets its acceptability going and may be a wave of the future at some point in the future.

Foam style beds

These style beds come from Scandinavia and are sometimes used in space for their space, weight and conformability characteristics. These beds are an open foam cell construction that is dimensionally stable. Generally, this means that they don’t transfer energy from one part of the bed to another leaving a portion of your body still while another is moving. The issue with this type of bed is that you will either love it like no other or hate it like no other. Unfortunately you won’t know until you try it.

The futon bed

A mainstay of many Asian cultures, the futon bed is a very comfortable bed of straw, down or other filling. In some instances, it is laid directly on the floor while in others it is placed on a frame. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes but can tend not to last as long as other beds do to the compaction of the futon. This makes them less comfortable. If you have a bad back, however, they can be a solid option with excellent support.

The water bed

An iconic bed of the 1960’s, the water bed is a type of bed that you will perfectly love or absolutely hate. Many people savor water beds because they can be very good for the back and body form fitting. Alas, they can also affect people in exactly the other way with people attempting to sleep becoming a little “sea sick”. The other unfortunate side effect with waterbeds is that no matter how well constructed, they can break.

The spring coil bed

The spring coil bed is a popular style because it has a variety of firmness levels to suit just about any person’s needs. It comes with a mattress and a box spring made of a wood frame and a weave of coiled springs. This bed lasts for a relatively long period of time (recommended 7 years) and can stand up to large amounts of abuse like children jumping and heavier loads. Sizes of spring box and mattress beds can be somewhat limiting if you are prone to moving often. If a “King Size” bed is chosen and you move to a smaller sized bedroom you may find that you will be buying a new bed set-up. From the opposite point of view, if you are buying for children you can buy a bunk bed set-up that can be converted into two separate beds when the time is right and save quite a bit of money.

Take your stuffed toy and try a few

In every instance mentioned there are plusses and minuses. Alas you’ll just have to try each to see what works for you. Everybody is different and needs different conditions for a good nights sleep. Travelling to several retail stores and finding out which retail store actual needs to wake you up so they can close the doors for the day is the only way to really tell.