Collections Create Continuity Of Design


Spectacular new collections are helping create the sort of harmony that people desire.

Collections Create Continuity Of Design

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Increasingly, homeowners are looking to go with the flow-creating continuity from room to room with design elements that complement each other and tie the whole house together.

This has often been one of the greater design challenges, even for professionals. That’s because while some design elements offer an overall sense of unity, others-that may have plenty of “wow” appeal on their own-simply don’t work from one room to another.

Fortunately, spectacular new collections are helping create the sort of harmony that people desire. Known as the Architecturally Inspired Collections™, these simple-to-coordinate collections offer builders and homeowners the ability to blend a specific architectural design and finish seamlessly throughout a home. And with additional collections on the way, there will be plenty of options for beautifying the home.

The first two sensational lines consist of newly designed faucets, showerheads, door hardware and bathroom accessories that feature complementary styles and distinctive matching finishes. The traditional country-inspired Ashfield Collection is fashionable and flexible. This seemingly eclectic style brings together time-honored country traditions, while the sleek, coastal-inspired Avalon has a slight touch of the coast, aesthetically co-existing with any color scheme or decor. Plus, the exceptional quality of the collections gives consumers additional confidence in their design decisions; it’s like having an interior designer in the house.

“Today’s homeowners are looking for residential synergy, attempting to coordinate a wide range of products for their homes that blend a single theme,” said Sandy Vandall, vice president of Research and Brand Marketing for the Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group.

The Ashfield and Avalon Collections will be available in an array of elegant, richly detailed matching finishes, including Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Rustic Pewter™, Rustic Bronze™ and Tuscan Bronze™. Each finish carries a lifetime anti-tarnish warranty. Additional finishes are available on selected products.

Architecturally Inspired Collections is an innovative combination of the trendsetting designs of Price Pfister and Kwikset, two leaders in the home-improvement industry that are working together to help create continuity of design. More collections, including the upcoming Modern Collection, are planned for the future.