Toxins in Our Homes


A quick look at how toxins can hide in our homes and what we, as consumers, can do about the problem.

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Every home is filled with unseen toxins. Vile little things abound that we cannot see, smell or touch. Once science began to discover that these toxins exist, people became more aware of what causes indoor allergies and in more extreme cases, such as toxic mold, can cause death.

So what as a consumer, can we do to prevent these toxins? Once upon a time, the buzz phrase ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ was enough, but not any longer. With the advent of so many synthetic substances being used in our clothing, furniture and other normal household items, clean just isn’t good enough.

Today we have to begin looking for non-toxic options. We need to read labels and find out the manufacturing processes of those companies who supply our goods. We need to look for and support those companies who provide alternatives to foreign imports from countries that do not have our good health in mind.

Where to start? Begin by looking at the floors in your home. Hardwood and laminated floors that are secured using formaldehyde glues will off-gas for a number of years. Carpets and the padding beneath can be a silent abode of molds.

Look at your furniture. Is it all imported from south of the border of from somewhere from the Orient? NAFTA is a great idea in theory, but unfortunately, world trade sometimes means the world’s health concerns also. Not all countries have the EPA and FDA standards that the United States has. This can mean more off gassing from the assembled products they produce.

Does this mean to have a safe home, you have to throw everything out and start over. No, but armed with awareness, the next purchase you make for your home can be safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This means, simply, a step in the right direction for a toxin free home.