London bathroom fitters: How to choose combination faucet. Part2.


Let’s examine the main types of combination faucets and their features in greater detail. Today there are three main types of combination faucets…

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Variety of combination faucets.
Let’s examine the main types of combination faucets and their features in greater detail. Today there are three main types of combination faucets: single-knob, double-valve and temperature control devices. Single-knob combination faucets are the most easy-to-use. To start or to intercept the flow of water or to change its temperature all you have to do is to turn the tap. Moreover, the process of installation of such combination faucet is not time and efforts consuming.

Nevertheless, double-valve combination faucets become more and more popular. Double-valve combination faucet is well-known tap with two handles for hot and cold water. In order to have the water of required temperature one has to make some more moves by comparison with single-knob tap, but the result will be more accurate and water consumption will be less. There are two sub-types of double-valve combination faucets – with ceramic disks and rubber seals for gasketing. If you have hard water, containing fine sand and dirt, you have to choose the second sub-type.

Temperature control devices are combination faucets of new generation; they combine all best features of combination faucets and meet all main reliability, convenience and safety requirements. Temperature control device looks like the panel with several handles for switching on/off the water flow as well as for regulation of its temperature.

Undoubted advantage of temperature control device is that its adjustments are saved during the whole period you need. The temperature control device automatically limits water heating by 38 degrees to avoid scalds and if you need the water of higher temperature you can switch-off this function. The temperature control device does not produce too cold water and that makes its utilization by kids as much as possible comfortable and safe.

There is one more type of combination faucets – cascade combination faucets.
That combination faucet reflects the aspiration of man to recreate beauty of the nature in his bathroom as realistically as possible. Cascade combination faucets produce wide jet of water simulating waterfall. The capacity of such combination faucet is approximately half as small as of usual combination faucet. As for hot and cold water mixing those combination faucets are similar to other types of combination faucets. Cascade combination faucet is contained almost in all expensive bathroom equipment complete sets.

Materials of which combination faucets are made.
Traditionally combination faucets are made of brass and chrome, but there are also mixed models. For now, the brass remains the best material for combination faucet case manufacturing. Exterior parts of the armature are nickeled and then chromized or enameled for the purpose of corrosion prevention. Chromized combination faucets are more expensive, but their main advantage is that various microorganisms cannot germinate on their surface. Brassy cases encasements, handles of combination faucets, showerheads are often made of polymeric material. Among exclusive models it is possible to find grained coating as well as golden and other precious metals garniture.

Installation of combination faucets.
Installation of combination faucets may be both external and internal – in the wall. The second type of installation is more aesthetic, because mountings remain in the wall and from outside there is only decorative panel with switches. At installation of combination faucet you have to consider features of bathtub or shower and their technical specifications. If you plan to install the combination faucet on a skirting board but not vertically on the wall, then you have to choose specific combination faucet as well as fixing set suitable for that combination faucet.

A lot of companies are engaged in combination faucets manufacturing. It would be better to buy the combination faucets in specialized stores which guarantee quality of goods and work with reliable, well-reputed manufacturers.